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``We think that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.``

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Who we are ?

Noubatir.mu is an online service provider which took birth in late 2019 and we are one of the first e-platform in Mauritius which offers a large array of genuine contractors from the smallest to the largest exclusively for Mauritian Citizens and Residents. Moreover, we will do our best to expand it to allow Mauritian professional to have visibility throughout the Indian Ocean. Being a solution provider portal specialised in the construction industry in Mauritius, we endeavour to help local businesses grow by connecting them to thousands of new customers and our Mauritian members the opportunity to search, explore and choose the best local construction experts for their everyday issues.

Our mission & vision

The internet of things, mainly the ‘’internet of construction’’ is not to be neglected nowadays and contactless of things is becoming an important factor with the new pandemic we are phasing. Our sustainable solution is to have a 24/7 access to a profiling of contractors categorized in their different specialized domain wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Noubatir.mu shares a free of access professional construction directory website, which will promote quality customer service in priority.

‘’Ease your project’’ is the slogan of Noubatir.mu as from only one click a potential customer can obtain a list of contractors with all the details required to be able to have a first impression. This e-facilitator will not only be advantageous for the customers, but also for the contractors.

Who is behind noubatir.mu ?

Yohann Ramjee
Founder / Director

Being a zoomer, a member of the Chartered Institution of Building, living my 8th year of experience in the construction industry and having acquire experience in many types of challenges, I have developed several skills and sustainable ideas to tackle and enhance this ever growing industry. Meeting you would be my pleasure, if you want to overcome yourself.

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